About Us

Preemie-Long is an international online family support center for parents..

gettyimages-103919270blendimages-erproductionsltdbrandxpictures-56b66a693df78c0b1359ca57Preemie-Long is an international online family support center for parents of babies born prematurely. Our Preemie-Long Discussion Forum supports parents and families of preemie babies from delivery in the hospital throughout the life of the child. The experiences of parents and family are the focus of discussions, along with news about the baby, and even friends’ perspectives are covered.

Parents visit our website to get answers in a trusted and safe environment. They get to share their individual experiences and support each other on their remarkable, unique journey. Through Preemie-Long, parents get to participate in discussions from the NICU to the school years. This trusted environment allows them to share with others who are going through similar challenges.

We offer resources, encouragement, general and accurate information, and even personal messages delivered to your mailbox on a daily basis. It could be updated on what is available for preemies and preemie parents, or it could just be a quick hello to let you know we care. We also have a support blog and an email list for parents who wish to connect with other relatives, with families, caregivers, and even supportive friends of families with premature babies.